FAQs: Air Conditioning Repair and Service, Furnace Repair, HVAC Service in Downey, CA

1.  How often should I change my ac or furnace air filter?
A.  It depends on several conditions in your home, but in general every 90 days.

2.  What temperature should I set my thermostat for?
A.  Setting your thermostat between 74 and 78 degrees should keep you comfortable.

3.  Should I close the air vents in rooms we don’t use in the home?
A.  Absolutely not!  If your air duct system was properly designed, all air registers need to be open for the system to work properly.

4.  Do we need a new air conditioner or should I fix the one we have?
A.  If your system is over twelve years old(the average life expectancy of an air conditioner), it would be wise to consider replacement.

5.  What rebates do I qualify for if I replace my a/c system?
A. There are still several rebate programs offered by local utilities, equipment manufacturers, and city, state, or federal governments.  Call us for more details!

6.  Will a ceiling fan help to keep my room cooler?
A.  No.  Ceiling fans actually add heat to the room from the motor operation.  They help to evaporate perspiration from the skin which lowers the body’s surface temperature, but the heat remains in the room.

7.  My air conditioner runs all day, but never cools the house down.  Does that mean I need a bigger unit?
A.  Usually not.  There could be a number of other issues with your existing system.  Studies have proved that most air conditioners in residential applications are actually oversized.

8.  How much does a typical new a/c system cost to install?
A.  The price can range from $5,000.00 to $23,000.00, but in order to design your particular comfort system, some technical data must be gathered at your home.

9.  How much do you charge to come out and check my furnace or air conditioner?
A.  For between $59.00 and $89.00 we will send a qualified technician to your home or office.  Once there, the technician will diagnose the system failure and determine the best and most economical solution to correct the problem.  The dispatch fee varies due to coupons and various specials we offer throughout the year.  The repair price quoted to you includes the dispatch fee which is applied to the overall repair price if you authorize us to make the repair once we determine the failure.

10.  Do you give free estimates?
A.   Yes.  We give free estimates for system replacements, renovations, or new installs.